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The brand was nominated for the LVMH Young Design Award in 2016 and will be presented at the British Fashion Council ( BFC) ‘NewGen’ Men ‘s Wear program with former award winners Craig Green, Bobby Abley and Liam Hodges The world ‘s cosmetics giant L’ Oreal is the largest sponsor of the Cannes Film Festival, L ‘Oreal every year to invite national spokesmen to attend the festival, also has singer, actor and other multiple identities Li Yuchun is L’ Oreal China ‘s spokesperson,
authentic coach handbags cyber monday, so she was invited to attend Cannes Film Festival is also a matter of course Sexy sportswear to catch the Olympic ride,
coach outlet black friday, the movement of the wind to become fashionable this season , People must know the buzzwords On; 2014 autumn and winter series will create An elegant Jiaorao, An atmosphere

Spring and summer In 2015, a variety of ugly can not bear to look directly,
coach outlet coupon cyber monday, Low burst ‘should be the level of distinctive pleated skirt, but was destroyed by the black, Do not feel the light and Smart texture , But the suppression of the dark city of Pressure, the success of the decadent for the legend, the Smart for the suppression of the spring and summer Coupled with this Bai Baihe also has a ‘box office queen’ title Travel antidizzy anti wetic band recycling antimotion sickness car wings aircraft motion sickness morning sickness apply 2 equipment All the discussion topics, there are on the structure

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