About SYI Forging Factory

Supplier of Forging parts for Industrial and Oil & Gas fields!

SYI Forging Factory – a Proud Member of SYI Group- manufactures Flanges, Forged Rings, Forged Fittings, Wind Turbine Forgings, Shafts, Lifting Anchors, Drop Forgings, Cold Forgings and other Free Forging and Die Forging products from DN10 to DN5000.

SYI Forgings is your answer!

SYI Forgings provides a full range of forged steel flanges, which are manufactured in accordance with ASTM, ANSI, API, MSS and other industry standards. Whenever you need special flanges i.e. high alloy, low temperature, high strength, high pressure, specialized dimensions and etc. – SYI Forgings is your answer!

forging-manufacture Forging-equipments
With forging, plate cutting and bending, we are able to manufacture forgings from sizes DN10 to DN5000. By using the most modern equipments combined with the advanced technology in forging,SYI Forging Factory illustrates its commitment and longevity in the industry.


We Also Make Flanges & Forgings for Wind Power Turbines!



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